Operation Rescue Colorado

Operation Rescue Colorado is dedicated to the protection of children in the womb and their mothers who are exploited by abortion.

We work in every way we can to manifest the truth of God concerning abortion. Amongst other efforts, we work through a physical presence at abortion mills, educational campaigns at schools and the Life Connection Newsletter, InfoLine and InfoFax.


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Tribute to Phil Harrison   January 30, 1925 - April 2, 2009

About Randall Terry

Statement on Colorado Right to Life and Operation Save America

Life Connection InfoLine

The Life Connection InfoLine is a source of recorded messages on life issues available 24 hours a day.

Information is available to help those in a crisis pregnancy and those who have been hurt by abortion.

Much is also available to help the seasoned prolifer to be a better witness and activist.


E-Mail us a note.  We welcome your comments and questions.

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