Statement on Colorado Right to Life and Operation Save America

The following statement is heartbreaking to make. Operation Rescue Colorado must distance itself from Colorado Right to Life and Flip Benham’s Operation Save America.

We have had a good working relationship with both groups since 1989.  What has made the difference now is the change in demeanor and divisive stance of these groups as evidenced by the “Open Letter to James Dobson” that both groups have been behind.

The basis for this dispute is the Gonzales v. Carhart (Partial Birth Abortion) ruling from the US Supreme Court. Colorado Right to Life released an analysis of the ruling that is skewed and incorrect. The ruling takes a fair amount of time to read and legal understanding is needed to comprehend what the ruling will and will not do as well as the impact it will make on future abortion rulings.

It is expected that in any kind of ministry there will be differences of opinion on how to best accomplish a task. What happened with the Dobson letter was that a personal attack was made on a man who differed with these groups and he was called to repent. It was nothing short of a publicity stunt and cheap shot at a target that would generate a lot of media attention. The attitude has been adopted that they are right and most other prolife groups and individuals are acting wickedly.

It should also be noted that the present leadership of Colorado Right to Life is now completely different than in the past. This also has been accomplished by unethical means. The historical Colorado Right to Life exists no longer. In the past, Colorado Right to Life had been a principled organization that worked very hard to make sure their actions and the laws they supported were pleasing to God. Now the new leadership seems to be taking an end justifies the means approach to how they are organized and how they operate.

The purpose of this statement is not to make an in depth analysis of the dispute but to make the public and our supporters aware of where Operation Rescue Colorado stands. Plenty of information already is available that refutes the position that Colorado Right to Life and Operation Save America have taken.

As stated before, we sadly announce that we can no longer support the present leadership of Colorado Right to Life or Operation Save America. We also encourage you to reconsider whether you should support them financially or in any other way.

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